The world of the WAHM is a crazy sort of place. I imagine a lot of work at home mom's will tell you that. The whole point of working from home is to be there for your kids and work a business at the same time. And yet don't some of us WAHM struggle to find the balance?

Little ones so often don't work on a schedule. Their schedule includes needing soothing when they are teething, changing a diaper when you are in the middle of a necessary task, feeding those growing tummies, changing clothes when they have gotten into something messy. You only have two hands, right? And your work still needs to be completed. Along with other household tasks that are designated to you because "you are at home".

It's all about balance. Remember, a clean house is great-- but let's be real. You live there. It's not a museum, nor is it supposed to be. And anyone with kids who comes over will understand your pile of laundry, and sink full of dishes. Throw out those expectations of being perfect because it's not going to happen. And if it does, it might be at the expense of stressing yourself out, putting undue pressure on your family, and turning into an overly controlling crazy woman! (I might be guilty of one or two of those things...ok maybe all of them at some point or other!)

Just try to remember....your kids are only young once. Enjoy them, and try to enjoy your time with them once in a while by putting the other stresses of life aside. You have the rest of your life to work!

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