My lil girl modeling a custom dress order.
I'm branching out as of late. Adding some new things to my *shop*. (Like dresses and lovey's and some other things coming soon!) I do apologize to those who are checking out my shop lately. I've been so busy that I haven't updated it with my current stock, but all the things that are listed there are still available. I've been listing new items on Facebook because it's quicker, and easier.

Do you have a shop? How does it work for you? Do you have time that you put aside to do maintenance and upkeep? Do you have a babysitter to help out? (I could sure use one!)

I find that the upkeep on my shop can be quite overwhelming at times. This Mama has three youngins that keep her on her toes all day long! I sew for a few minutes here and there when I can sneak away and lock the studio door. And I do mean minutes. Sometimes it lasts maybe 15 minutes, sometimes more like two--long enough to sew a seam. So having to sit and write out descriptions and do all the box clicking and all that...I hardly have time! I find that posting pictures and info as I go is fast and easy with Facebook. I'm looking into alternatives and open to suggestions.

One thing that I have thought about a lot, and have mentioned to a few people in the recent past, is having a sort of "diaper party". I could build up a stock and then bring it to a customers home and share my goods in a Scentsy or Tupperware type party atmosphere.

It's a thought anyway. In the mean time, you can check out what's going on with the latest items on my Facebook page.
Have a great weekend!

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