My diaper adventures have me doing some educating newbies into the in's and outs of different types of diapers and diaper care lately. I thought I would share a couple of basic things so that it's here to refer back to in the future. 

The above picture is an AIO (All-in-One). It has a cute outter fabric, a hidden inner waterproof layer, a sewn in hidden soaker, and an inner soft fabric against baby for comfort and to absorb moisture away.
  Below is the inside of the AIO. It works much like a disposable and is the simplest to use. It goes on and off like a disposable. The only down side to this type, I think, is that it takes a bit longer to dry, and makes for a pretty bulky bottom.
 Below is the outside of the AIO. Multi-snap rise to be adjustable.
 Here below is a Pocket Style diaper. It gets stuffed with an insert. (See the blue microfiber insert in the top pocket. Some pockets are in the front instead of the back.) These allow for more or less absorbency depending on your baby's "wet factor".
 They can come in small, medium, or large, or in One Size adjustable like the one above.

Below is a cover that you would use with prefolds, or fitted diapers that have no waterproof layer. This one happens to be adjustable. They can also come in different sizes.
These are all made by me, but there are so many different options, sizes, shapes, and colors out there that the options are pretty limitless. It all depends on your preferences! My advice would be to try some out and see what works for you, and what works well for your baby!

One a side note: this link will take you to my explanation about using the microfit. 
And this link will take you to a picture show of how to work your pocket diaper.

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