If you cloth diaper your baby then you are among the growing trend of parents of BBB's, ie Big-Butt-Babies. Pat yourself on the back for taking on the challenge! I personally think those BBB's are super adorable, running around with their fluffy little tushies swaying too and fro as their chunky little legs carry them at lightening speed into all sorts of new adventures.

Parents new to cloth diapering may be wondering though, "What do you do about pants? That big butt doesn't fit in regular pants, and if you manage to squeeze on some pants they can hardly move!" This is a predicament. But there are may options.

Let's start with Option #1. Don't put pants on your baby. Who says that you have to cover your baby's cloth diaper?
Most cloth diapers have many layers which will protect your baby's bum from just about everything. If you have a walker, you probably know by now that your little one can fall on concrete and be unfazed. That's how much protection there can be in one fluffy diaper. Quite often the cloth diaper your baby has on is super cute as well, so why cover it up? Especially now, during the summer time, less is better. Who wants a hot sweaty bottom? And besides, I haven't come across anyone that has said "Gosh, can you please put some pants on your super cute baby?" Most people are curious about cloth diapers, and find them really cute. Be ready to answer some questions and share the cloth diaper love with a newby.

Option #2. This option includes covering up your baby with big butt pants. *see above picture, large panel makes more room for cloth diaper* Stretchy, comfy, maybe a size too big to fit over that chunky butt. Choose fabrics like knit, and sweatshirt materials. Even fleece or wool, which have dual purposes!

If you use pocket type diapers or AIO's (all in one) then you are mostly protected from leakage. However if you use prefolds or fitted diapers then fleece and wool might be good options for you. Fleece can be warm and super comfy, and actually is pretty resistant against leakage. I personally used fleece pants at night to help with my little guys leaking problems. He was a super heavy wetter. Wool also is a great option because it allows the baby's skin to breath, is great for leak protection, and has antimicrobial properties. It is also pretty resistant to odor, so you can go weeks without having to wash your wool as long as it is not soiled. Simply hang it out to dry.

Option #3. Use leggings. Leggings are back baby! Literally. The eighties had it right after all. Seen here below, they offer many advantages to cloth diapers.
For one, you can find them in all sorts of cute patters, colors, and sizes. If you are into the super-cuteness factor, they are right up there! They also have great functionality. (Is that a word?) Leggings allow your baby to go without pants, and still keep those little legs warm and cozy in cooler weather. You can change a diaper without having to remove pants, (that's always a plus). And you only need a couple pair. If you choose some basic colors, your baby could ultimately go it's first year and a half without you having to purchase pants. (That's stretching it, but you see what I'm saying.)

So as you can see there are many options, it just takes a little looking around and trial and error to see what you like and what works best for you. There is no "right", or wrong, way to do it as everyone's situation calls for different attention. I hope this has helped give some insight in your options!

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