I love my kids to the moon and back. They are the reason behind all that I do, and most of what I try! One thing that I try to instill in them is a desire to do better, and to think of ways that they can get what they want.

When my oldest, (he's 8), asked me for a toy that we couldn't fit into our budget I told him that maybe he could save up for it. But he is one determined little boy, and wanted to find a way to get that toy. So when he came to me the other day and asked if he could make a diaper to sell to earn money towards his toy, I felt that he was on the right track! And how could I say no? He was very very determined to do it.

Over the weekend, while Hurricane Irene pounded our house, I taught my son how to sew. Here is his project diaper in pictures! (With ample help from mom of course!) And if you'd like to support his goal towards getting that so-desired Transformer you can go and bid on his diaper!

Putting the snaps on the diaper cuts
Practicing his sewing to prepare to sew the dipe all together.

All sewn and turned right-side out.

Putting on the wing snaps.

The last snap!

All finished up! "Can we sell it now???"

                                          And just in case you are interested in bidding on his diaper...It is an All-In-One, with a three layer microfleece soaker, and Organic Bamboo Fleece on the inside. The outer-layer is cotton red w/ white polka-dots and Monkey Pirates on the wings! It is listed on Ebay here. 

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