Have you heard of Waldorf dolls?

I love them. They are simple and sweet, and often times made with natural fiber materials. They are just the cutest things. My kids have one that they have played with for years now. Toys get passed between kids in our home, so it was no different with the little Waldorf baby that we had. My youngest has been the one to go without his own toys for the most part, so I thought making him his own baby doll would be a fitting addition to the toy collection specifically for him.

I found a pattern at Sarah's Dolls and completed it from start to finish in a day or two. (It would have only take a day, but youngin's don't let you skip meals or bath time!) I chose the one piece pattern and it actually turned out quite cute, and has a nice shape to it. Much like a baby! I love it, also, because it's a nice size-- about 16 inches. We dressed it up in some newborn clothes, complete with a newborn size cloth diaper (that gets changed regularly!). If you are interested in trying out a doll pattern, I would definitely recommend Sarah's Doll patterns. The tutorial was great, with lots of pictures and detailed instructions. It was not very complicated, just labor intensive. I suspect that after making one or two they process can go quite quickly.

I  love their sweet little faces as well. So simple! And baby's seem to love them! I thought it would be cute to add the Waldorf baby head to a lovey style blanket...My son went bonkers over it. He just loves it! I might have to add them to my repertoire ;)

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