Today I would like to talk about wing droop. It's one of those annoying things that can happen as your baby grows. His or her diapers start to fit differently and you can end up with this...
picture via Homemade Mom
It's not pretty! With my little one the end result is...usually the whole diaper just kind of makes it's way off him somehow. Those pesky wings! Have any of you had this issue as well? It's one of those things that just gets me, and I can't help thinking "there has to be some way of fixing that".  (And I'm sure some other amazing person already came up with a solution, but I needed to find my own!)

Some things just eat at me until I do something drastic like...cut the wings off! Oh my goodness, yes I did! The diaper needs to stay on, and have good coverage, but really what is the point of those wings if they don't stay where you put them? So I cut the suckers off.

I'm really happy with the new pattern. My little guy still has plenty of coverage in the front panel, and less wing droop. In fact, no wing droop at all. Fabulous, yes! So glad I get to share an improved pattern with everyone!

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