I am always challenging myself to make use of what I have. Partly out of necessity, and partly out of a desire to use what I already have to reduce my own waste. I feel especially guilty throwing away fabric that I know I could be doing something with. In my studio I have baskets that I keep scraps in, that I know could be used for something if I would just take the time to do something with them! 

Those long strips of fabric, came in handy in making my daughter a new twirly skirt. You could use any width and make layers to make a patchwork type skirt as well. But I was feeling rushed and so I only used four different fabrics. One thing I love about these layered twirly skirts is that she can pick almost any shirt in her drawer to wear with it. When your little one is 5 years old and learning independence, ("I can pick my own clothes mom!"), it's great because you don't have to worry about what you are going to end up going out in public with, too. :) It's pretty safe to say that if it has pink in it, it's a keeper.

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