Working from the heart this morning. I recently became aware of a lady here locally that opened a "closet" of sorts to help pregnant women, and women with infants. She supplies clothes, formula, furniture, diapers, just about whatever you can think of, to women in need so they can care for their babies. It touched my heart. She serves simply off the charitable donations she receives. The wonderful thing about donating items like this is that it helps to restore a persons dignity by not having to keep coming back to ask for help. It can wear on a person to have to keep coming back again and again for help. I can speak here from personal experience. But in these difficult times it's often times unavoidable. How difficult it must be for someone to have to keep going to ask for diapers for their baby...

Here is how I'm helping. Using an old tshirt, I'm making fitted diapers like this one here
 Here it is with all the layers cut out, snaps on and ready to be sewn.


Here it is turned and top stitches, with elastic.
  Cute! And here below are the covers and cloth wipes that will be part of this set.

I don't have a lot of money to donate. We struggle to make ends meet, just like many near us. But I have skills and talents I can donate. And a little time.  An hour out of my day to whip up a diaper is something I can do!
Do you use your skills or talents to help others in need? Consider it. It will touch your heart and others as well.


  1. thats great! i have a few things i can donate too that i was just going to give to salvation army, what is the name of her organization?

  2. Larissa, I have an email in to her right now to get info to drop some things off. I will email you with her contact info as soon as she gets back to me!



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