Continuing my freebie week, today I'm sharing some freebies for your blog. 
Do you do your own blog or website design? If you are like me, I've learned some things by trial and error, some other things from tutorials that generous bloggers have made available for free, and some things from long hours reading manuals. (I admit I'm not very good with those manuals. I'm more of a hands on, or see it and do it, kind of gal!) Without the generosity of those willing to teach and share, I would probably not be blogging! So I thought I would share some neat things for you to check out from some really generous ladies and gentlemen. 

The Background Fairy- She is fantastic! Lots of pretty free items for you to use including some really lovely backgrounds. Mine included!

Just Something I Made- I can't say enough about how fantastic Cathe's website is. And she generously shares all sorts of goodies including buttons, clipart, free printable tags, etc. It's like a treasure trove of beautiful things!
Blog.SpoonGraphics- Lots of tutorials about design, icons, clipart. Good stuff!

Web Treats Etc.- A large amount of freebies including brushes, patterns, shapes, icons, textures, and more.

Beautiful blog Designs- Has a list of template freebies from lots of professionals.

The Creative Girl has some great blogging tips and tricks for blogging and for designing your blog.
The Girl Creative
I hope you can get some useful and free advice and goodies from these links!

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