Dear Bloggy Friends,

In the past I haven't shared a whole lot about our military lifestyle. For some reason it's always been something that I wanted to keep separate from my little blogging world. I think I wanted to be known for who "I" am, and not who I am in relation to my husbands career in the Marine Corps. In my little circle of life, I'm more often known as so-and-so's sister/daughter/friend/cousin/wife, and less as "Celeste-the-artist/wife/mom/creative person". This little place is for me and the things that I wanted to discover and share. Sometimes you just can't get around the fact that it's a special life style.

Military life often dictates how your life proceeds once you or your spouse signs that dotted line. As my husband and others in the military life like to say, you must learn to adapt and overcome. And...learn to get along!

Our journey in the military life has come to a new chapter and soon we will be moving once again. In my life I have moved so many times that I've lost count now. It's somewhere in the 20s range now. When my husband called from work the other day and explained that new orders are on the horizon, I admit that after the initial shock I was angry. It's easy to be angry when you feel like you have no control. In the military life you have to learn to let go of the control factor and go with the flow. Much of the frustration comes from the fact that we're averaging only about two years at each place my husband is stationed. Two years is long enough to start to get comfortable. By the end of two years, you are used to your new home, the atmosphere, the people, the culture in that area. When the orders come to move, it's a feeling of instability and unease. "Where will be go? What will be find there?" I can only control what is here in my little family, home, studio, blog.

The last few days I threw myself into some more diaper sewing and learning more about how to make my blog something awesome for me! I'm going to learn as much as I can so I can take it with me wherever we may be going next. (I think it's my way of feeling a little bit in control!)

So...Thanks for hanging out with me! I appreciate your comments and visits more than you know! This allows me to make "home" wherever I may be, and to take you with me.


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