Some years ago now I started praying for my husband and kids in a special way.

I knew I should be praying for them each day, but I wasn't sure what to say sometimes... except to ask that God would help them to be good people. That got me to searching for some answers. I figured since I had this question about what to pray for specifically, someone else must have already had the same question.

Low and behold, a couple of Google searches later, I came across a collection of different devotionals for praying each day for your husband and children based on some passages from Scripture. I printed them out and together with a stack of index cards I started to write them out. On one side I wrote out the prayer for my husband, and on the other I wrote out the one for my children. I numbered them for each day of the month, and over the months and years rotated through the cards each morning when I brush my teeth. (Multi-tasking!)

As you can imagine they have seen the wear of time. I thought that with so many amazing people coming up with pretty awesome printable postcards and such that now would be a good time to renew them! Not only does a fresh card give them new life, but it also gives my prayers new life by physically seeing them on something pretty. It tells me, "Yes, these are special. Take time and see the beauty in the passage." I'm a very visual person!

This time I haven't decided if I'm going to punch holes and make them into a flip book, or if I am going to find some sort of "recipe box" type container to hold them in. Either way, my prayers will be getting some new life!

Click on the picture to go to Amy's page to download and print the notecards!

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