Here is some great info/sources if you are interested in getting started with cloth diapering:

The Diaper Pin
All About Cloth Diapers
Life More Simply
The Cloth Diaper Whisperer

There are a few to begin.
Here are some great links if you would like to start learning about how to start sewing your own stash of fluff!

Zany Zebra
Free Diaper Patterns
Cheeky Diapers
Goodness Gracious Free Diaper Pattern
Diaper Stash - A huge list of free patterns

This is just a small list of what is available for free out there on the web. If you spend enough time looking you can find some great stuff, all for free. There are also some great video tutorials on YouTube that will show you exactly how to make your own cloth diapers using items you might already have around your house.

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