Do you have experience with a serger? I do. Bad experience, mostly. And that is unfortunate because I've seen some good things happen with a serger! But I've been working on it. And I think I might have it down. (As long as I don't try to change from 4 threads to three, or unthread it and try to adjust the tension, that is.) As some say, "it just takes experience".

I spent a little time practicing my serging on a dipe and I think I've got it down. It definitely makes for much quicker put-together. But I think I prefer the finished look of the turned and top-stitched dipes. I really like how some of goodMama's serged dipes look, but she also uses natural and organic velours. They look so plush and cushy, and the serging is a really nice detail. I'd love to have some like that for my little guy.

Even more so, though, I would love to be able to make some that look so cute!

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