On a personal note...
My youngest, Matthew, at about 6 months

This month's giveaway, and all the wonderful comments, got me to thinking that I should share my own cloth diapering journey, and how I got to making them.

It all started when we found out we were pregnant again! The biggest concern we had..."How are we going to afford diapers?" We are a one income military family. To say things can be tight sometimes is an understatement. There was no question in my mind that from the get go it would be cloth. I take seriously the natural gifts and abilities I've been given, and I knew that I could do cloth diapering to help our family. So I did research, and discovered that there is a whole world of cloth diapering at your finger-tips if you but take a little look!

There was no way that we could afford to buy some of the cute ones that are out there, so I started to sew. I made a small stash, and quickly discovered that I would need more. And so I started to sew more. I discovered many patterns for free online and took what I liked from the ones that I tried and made my own pattern. It has slowly evolved into what it is today. And it has worked great for us.

Yes, there is a little bit more laundry to do. I'm doing laundry for 5 anyway, so an extra load every few days isn't really that big of a deal. And now with the weather warm I can hang them out on the line to dry in the sun, which also saves on some electricity. (Did you know the sun can bleach your diapers white again?)
I would love to make cloth diapers more accessible to low income families, especially military families that struggle with so many other things. It shouldn't have to be "do we feed the kids or buy the diapers?" It seems so strange now that in the past cloth diapering was a sign of being poor, whereas now it can be almost inaccessible because of the price of those *fancy* diapers.

It really can be done with a little ingenuity. In the next week or so I will sprinkle in here and there a couple of tutorials on how to do exactly that!

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