Many years ago my mom gave me this old bird cage that she planted with succulents. I'm not so great when it comes to keeping house plants going. The longest I kept one alive was about 9 years. But that is miraculous because I neglected that poor plant more than anything. It got watered maybe once a month, but usually less than that. I was sad to see it go.

When mom gave me this bird cage-terrarium-of-sorts I was excited that I wouldn't have to worry about watering very often. It lasted well, as far as house plants go for me!

I decided to show it a little care today. The last plant standing was looking a little lonely. Yesterday I was lucky to find a couple of succulents marked down to $2. So I brought them home and caged them up!
I cheated this time though! I cleaned out some of the old withered plants, made holes in the soil for the new ones, stuck them still in their planter boxes and all, and covered with fresh moss. This way, when the cage needs some refreshing, (ahem, when they die), I can simply pop out the old ones and replace them with new!

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