I have a secret! And I'm going to tell you.

I am a worrier! When people get my diapers I worry that everything will be ok. They need to work well, fit well, look cute. Worry worry worry. My concern lately has been, will my one size diaper work for a newborn also? Newborns can be so tiny, and most things look huge on them for a little while. I knew my dipe would be no exception. So I took a few minutes and messed around with it to see how small a fit I could make it into!

Here is how I got the microfit here below. This is as small as it gets! And I'm pretty darn sure it will fit a newborn quite nicely. (And look pretty cute and fluffy!)

1. Start with your diaper unsnapped, completely.

2. Take the rise and pull it up to the top of your dipe. ...Now snap the snaps together along the top of your dipe. You will have to skip a snap (or two) between each rise snap to make it sit flat.

Here is what it will look like.

3. Now bring your wing to the middle and snap the studs into the sockets that make up the lower part of the rise. Like so....

So there will be no sockets showing on the lower front of your dipe.

4. Cross the other wing over the front and snap closed.

Here you can see the difference between a diaper open to the largest rise setting, and the diaper snapped to the micro smallest fit.
I love it when I figure something new out!


  1. Very very cute!

  2. amazing! I didnt think it was possible for them to get that small, good to know! thank you!



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