For a while now I've been daydreaming of a pretty banner on my front door. A sort of welcome sign. Banners have made a huge come back lately, and I've been feeling like I've been missing out on the fun!

Here in the southern part of North Carolina we seem to get some pretty crazy weather, so anything I put on the front door has to stand up to heat, humidity, and lots of rain. I saw a banner, (I can't recall where now!), that was plastic and I thought, "Yes!"

But I wouldn't even know where to begin to make something plastic. I suppose you could use Capri Sun juice containers or something like that. Or maybe oil cloth! Something that is hefty and fairly water resistant.

I chose polymer clay because I had it handy and it gave me a good reason to take it out of hiding. Once I was finished making the little banner pieces I rubbed it with acrylic paint. Unfortunately it turned out darker than I would have liked. Before I attach it to my wreath I might lighten it up a little bit. This idea opened up a whole hornets nest of ideas for the future, though! You could print just about anything on these little flags, and change the banner on your wreath through out the seasonal year, rather than having to store a wreath for each season.

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