With all the cute fluff I've working on lately I thought perhaps I should do a little show and tell! I'll also share some info about cloth for those out there that are not familiar with them.

These aren't your grandma's cloth diapers! No pins involved. And....drum roll...they are water proof. These are what I put on my own baby, and they've been great. And saved us hundreds of $$$.

Here you have one of my One Size dipes all buttoned up on the smallest settings.

Double rows of snaps for secure hold!

Here we are unbuttoning the rise (the part on the front that goes between baby's legs) to expand it.
Open to the largest size.
Inserts get tucked into the pocket in the back.
Here are some interesting points regarding cloth diapers...
Baby's that are cloth diapered tend to potty train earlier.

Cloth diapers can save money, and can be passed down from sibling to sibling.

Innovative ideas like incorporating the water proof lining into the whole diaper makes for easier, faster, and less messy clean up.

There are so many varieties that it can actually be fun (and addictive) to shop for cloth diapers.

It's not as crazy as you might think to use cloth diapers when you are out and about. There are these magical items called wet bags that you drop into your diaper bag. It makes transporting dirty dipes easy and mess free.

If you are low on funds you can actually start out with a few fairly inexpensive basics: a couple of covers, a package or two of prefolds and pins/snappis. It wouldn't cost you more than $40-$60.

Ok! Show and tell is complete for today!
Hoping to be able to share something soon that involves some other crafty funnness!

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