Much like the rest of my home, there are things piled here and there in my studio. The walls now are home to pieces that I've made, some cute finds and shelves holding supplies. I needed somewhere to display my work list, but the wall space was limited so hanging a white board was a little out of the question. And who really wants to stare at a white board over their desk anyway?

Months ago my mom and I found this vintage mirror for $25. Initially I was going to hang it in my bathroom, but my husband wanted something with shelving in it as well. Gotta store that toothpaste somewhere!

So this mirror was making it's rounds through the house and never seemed to find a home. Out of desperation I put it up on my work table to get it out of the way, and I must say I LOVE it there. I've been using a dry erase pen to keep my to do list, and it lets me see what is going on behind me (which is great if you have little people who like to "help"). It also enhances the light, reflecting the window light around the room more.

What do you think? Mirror as Dry Erase Board= Winner!

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