December is swiftly approaching. How did that happen!? It wasn't my plan to neglect you, oh wonderful blog friends.
I must admit I'm falling behind with all the things I'd love to do. Make things, create things, share things, blog things. I'm just trying to keep up with my little ones! My youngest will be a year old on December first and he's giving us all a run for our money. We jokingly call him Dennis because of all the crazy situations we find him in. Dear oh dear, don't leave a bathroom door open. There is all sorts of trouble in there. How he figures out those baby-locks is still a mystery to me. He's very ingenious.

Amidst the crazy life, lots of friends are having babies so my husband has asked me to make gifts for everyone. (Whew!) I love it, but wow! My latest gig has been to make ruffled diapers. It's so much fun and they are so cute! I'd love to get to making a tutorial to share with you all.
My daughter is also loving that I can add ruffles to almost any of her clothes. What little girl doesn't love ruffles?

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