It's the time of year when you have to go through your wardrobe and swap out the warm weather clothes with layers and long sleeves. One of my Fall favorites is long skirts and boots.

My little lady is starting to watch very carefully my clothes and fashions. It's really cute. She was admiring one of my skirts the other day, and it crossed my mind that she doesn't have any skirts. Not one! Half my closet is skirts. (And half of them I haven't worn in a while.) I thought I could share one or two with her by transforming a couple of my shorter ones into longer ones for her.
Now granted this might not work for everyone. Taking into account the fact that I'm pretty short at 5ft 1 inch, the instructions might have to be altered for someone else. However, the general concept will work for just about anyone.

Measure your little girls waste, and cut an inch longer length of 1/2 inch elastic. Overlap the ends 1/2 inch and sew them together with a straight stitch. I took a knee length skirt and folded the waste band down in half. Tuck the elastic inside and start to pin the waste band, starting at the back and front, then the sides, etc. Sew the waste band, stretching it as you go, to make a pocket for the elastic to float in.

Ta Da! That's it! Now you have a twirly skirt for your little lady!

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