Life happens! It's a marvelous thing. My little ones and I have been very busy the last few months. It's amazing what throwing another person into the loop will do to your free time. I seem to have forgotten what those free moments are like. Just this morning I stood over my youngest, asleep in his swing, and wondered for a moment what I should do! Dishes? Laundry?
Those things will always need to be done, so I chose to work on cleaning up my work space. I came across this picture...
It reminded me for a moment of why I do what I do, and the times when I feel frustrated at not being able to do what I want to do. Often times we feel a thorn in the heart, that perhaps needs have to come before desires. But it's ok! My children are my work, and I hope that they will continue to grow beautifully with God's help. Their beauty is by far more satisfying than anything I could ever make. One day I will look back on these busy times and crave them again.

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