Why hello again! I've been missing you, my lovely blog world. Slowly but surely my little guy is letting me have a few minutes to create. (Sorry, had to post the cuteness again!)
I do miss the long stretches of work time, but I love the snuggling I get to do with baby softness in my arms. Soon enough he'll be crawling, and climbing, and then walking...and then I'll look back with a smile and wish he was soft and squishy with that lovely baby smell still. *happy sigh*

Anywho! In my free moments (haha!) I've been trying to gather things together for a couple of projects. My goal this year is to get enough together to take it to the Farmers Market. Why there? Well, because I have three young children and a deployed husband and trying to take them and all the things I would want to take with me to a trade show in Raleigh, (two hours away), is just not reasonable. Local seems better. It's a small step! But a good one for me. It's not out of reach, and not too stressful to try to attain. Success comes one little step at a time! For us regular people anyway:)

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