So far this year has been about transitions! First we welcomed our new little guy, and got into a rhythm with him. And now we're working on getting back into another rhythm minus my husband. Just over a week ago now we sent him on deployment which will take him all over the world. He's on ship this time and set to cruise the Mediterranean. The day before they were set to leave their orders were changed and they headed first for humanitarian work in Haiti. I can only imagine how difficult it must be going from training for combat and that mind set, to helping people rebuild their lives.

So between all that's gone on I haven't done much in the way of making anything. At least nothing *fun*. Although I did make some felted wool dryer balls, and that was fun! And mindless, which is good because my brain is on a trip!

They are really easy to do. You need about 3 oz.s of wool, wound into a ball. Put it inside old pantyhose, and wash on your washers hottest setting. I did it a couple of times. Then throw it in the dryer and dry. I suppose if you really wanted to, you could use a felting needle to felt them even more. But the washer/dryer worked just fine for me. For scent add a few drops of essential oil. Ta-da!

I'll be back again soon to share some more goodness! Have a great weekend!

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