(my little one smelling the tiny flowers and sporting one of her new reusable patches)
Recently my daughter was diagnosed with Amblyopia, which requires her to wear an eye patch for several hours each day along with her glasses. When we first started out with the eye patches we were using those sticky bandage-type. Not only were they annoying to her, but taking them off was painful, and left a red raccoon ring around her eye. So I went looking for an alternative and found several online. But the price just seemed exorbitant, especially when you add in shipping and the time we would have to wait for a reusable one to arrive.

It took a little experimentation but I finally got a pattern down and was able to make her several to swap out each day. Her favorite is this Hello Kitty one, (that I sported for a while to actually get her to wear the patch when she was feeling mighty stubborn about not wanting to).

Over the weekend I had a few moms comment on them, and I actually had two moms already ask me to make a few for their own kids.
I love when something I make can help someone. It makes it all the more satisfying. Knowing the pain the kids go through with having to wear the patch makes it so much more worth the effort to figure out how to make something work and make it cute for them.

It's one of those times when I thank God for the talents He has given me.

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  1. This is so cool. My niece had to wear a patch for several years as a young child, and it was really hard on her. It's so wonderful that you have made something so cute, fun and comfortable for little ones to wear. Awesome!



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