My home is in need of some curtains and I've set out to find some that I can make myself. My cousin recently charged me with "nesting" because of all the projects I've been taking on lately. My thinking was that I've taken this opportunity to try to jump start my creative/artistic desires to succeed in an artistic business sort of way. But I figured since I'm preggers, and the desire to nest should be there, (and I've already been accused of it:) perhaps I'll take on a project or two here at home to prepare the way for the little one. After all, I really should have the bedroom all painted and in order before he gets here. Right?

In one of my handy dandy monthly magazines I found a picture of some curtains made a burlap! It sounds sort of...umm...interesting...at first, but the more I looked at them the more I liked them. The potential to spruce up burlap is huge! The ones in the magazine had some bobble border/fringe on them, which I wasn't very fond of. But I could print something on them. Maybe something simple like these and printed at the bottom with a simple design...(picture from Patina Green)

Or even sew some doilies on them like those I've seen on Martha Stewarts website and in Country living. I'm also quite fond of these.......from Anthropologie. Lovely, but a little out of my price range.
They would look great in my bedroom. As soon as I finish priming and painting the walls, that is. Our paint tone is very similar to that beige, but it's called FoxTrot and it has sand mixed in for a textured look and feel.

I also found these ...
...that are made by tealtown on etsy. Not sure I could convince my husband to put these up. He's more traditional I think:) But they are super fun, aren't they?

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