It's hard for me to play catch-up after I've taken a few days "holiday". But I'm putting forth the effort, and getting back into the groove of things won't take too long.
My palate is still on holiday as I eat up this chicken salad I made with the left over BBQ'd chicken we had to celebrate Labor Day. The only thing we didn't labor over yesterday was the chicken! And it turned out so good. The chicken salad it made was especially yummy, with a nice smokey flavor.

Then I took to some work on a project for the upcoming holidays. Can you believe they are getting so close already? Amazing!

My husband and I spent the day priming and painting our bedroom, and we just finished today. We're very proud ourselves, if I do say so myself. Now I'm up to clean up and put things away. A happy evening to you!


  1. Will you be posting fotos of your handiwork, would love to see your room without the wallpaper?!

  2. I'll see what I can do! First I need to put everyone back where it belongs:)



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