In the spirit of nesting, I decided to make myself a nursing pillow since I'll be needing one and they can be quite pricey. There are a lot of free patterns out there for them, which all are very similar and very simple to make. I added a little handle to the outside for convenience. One side is flannel, the other cotton. Both were remnants that I had laying about. Originally, I planned on using the pieces for cloth diapers, but since I had large enough pieces I decided to make the pillow instead.

Perhaps over the weekend I'll make a couple of covers for it just for variety.

I have a couple of other items I'm working on, but I'm planning on taking the weekend a little slow so I can spend some time with the family. My husband just returned from a week away training and I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with him.
Wishing a good holiday weekend to everyone!

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