Hello dear friends. This day has come and gone with out so much as a moment of stand-still time. At least that is what it feels like. The projects that I've been working towards completing are now collecting a thin layer of dust on my work table as the craziness of school and extra curricular activities, doctors appointments and house projects take over. My pace has slowed, much like the heat of summer is dwindling. We're enjoying the cooling off and the gentle breezes that have picked up. The kids and I are trying to take advantage of the last little bits of summer weather. Although, the rain does seem to come and go a lot around these parts. A native of California, I am more used to summer being hot and dry rather than humid and blistering with rain mixed in to throw you off a bit. The ground stays very moist and things grow beautifully here. I suppose one of the ups and downs of being a military family and relocating is the task of learning the climate of a different place and adapting to it. Military family life aside, being Semper Gumby is something I try to live by anyway, just to get through life a little easier. Always flexible.

Those arts and crafts items will still be sitting there when I can tend to them.

Little paint brushes and pens, needles and thread...my love for you has not dwindled. I shall hold you lovingly once again. Very soon. I promise.

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