As promised, a sneak peak at a corner of our freshly painted master bedroom. And I do mean a "sneak" and a "corner"! One of those nasty upper-respiratory bugs has made itself comfy in our home over the last week, and has banished us all to the comfort of our bed. It has, in the process, reduced our room to a mish-mash of blankets and pillows, toys and tissue boxes, half full glasses and piles of dvds. Simply speaking, it's a mess. But I thought I'd at least give you a glimpse:)

I was determined not to spend the entire weekend lazing about though, so on Saturday I rolled out of bed and made my first trip to our local farmers market. Don't you love the farmers market? Everything is so laid back, and the people so happy to see you. Ours happens to be this teeny tiny little event, with maybe 10 venders. My favorites were this veggie stand, above, with everything arranged so pretty in baskets, and the nice German lady who was selling her bread and baked goods. I'm a strudel fan, so of course that was my breakfast. And I couldn't leave without getting a shot of this sign hanging above it all...
How great is that!
The whole thing was so cute, it made me want to rent a space and set up a table just to hang out in the happy atmosphere and enjoy the local banjo-playing band for a few hours.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I am off to grab some more tissues and take up residence on my bed again with my embroidery and enjoy some National Geographic.

Wish you a happy beginning to this week!

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