When it comes to your supplies, your art or craft supplies, are you organized or are you scattered?

I love to be organized, but I don't always get to the point where everything is in it's place. For example this past week I was working on the drawing for this little embroidery project I'm working on and I misplaced my favorite eraser.
Now when it comes right down to it you think, "Well, I'll just go get another." But the super (anal) organized part of me just tends to get frustrated and turn the house upside down looking for said missing eraser. I used it just this morning, I say to myself, where could it be? Usually I'll find said supply was moved to a different spot by wandering small fingers who love to help me "organize". But this time it's eluding my searching skills. In the end, I finally gave in and picked up another from the local Michael's between errands, but the annoyance that I still can't find the missing one is still there. For the life of me I just can't figure out what I could have done with it. I may never know. We'll file it under the "Missing/Never to be Found" category and move on. It's always good to move on.

In my case, I moved on to another project that didn't require my fancy eraser. My daughter is 3 and loves to be girly in dresses. Despite the fact that I may intentionally give her a shin length dress to wear in hopes of hiding some delicates beneath, she is a tough cookie and not always as lady-like as one might hope. In an attempt to instill a little more modesty, (or at least feign it till she understands a little better to keep her self covered), I decided to make her some "bloomers". A few weeks ago when I was out thrifting I came across a homemade pair in hideous cotton/polyester material, but appealing in pattern. So I used them to make these for her...

The pattern needs a bit of tweaking here and there to fit properly, but they really are adorable on. It almost makes me want to wear some myself.

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