When I go out into my yard I like to dream that I'm a farm girl. The idea of hard old fashioned manual labor appeals to me. From my earliest days as a child I have always been a hands on type of person. The draw of dirt is so enticing. The smell of grass, the ickiness of bugs, the annoyance of gritty dirt between your toes and under your nails. It's deeply satisfying to see things come alive.

I have to admit though that over the last month or so, the ability to go out and shovel dirt in the garden has slowed substantially for me with the growing of my baby belly. I still love going outside, and find it inspiring to sit and stare off into the leaves and things while my two children splash and squeal in the pool.

My favorite spot is near one of the fences, beneath some tall bush/trees that provide shade from the sweltering heat. The humidity here in NC is something I'm not accustomed to, but at least beneath the trees I can sprawl in my lawn chair comfortably for an hour or so and stare through the fence down this long lane between properties. I like to imagine that there is a secret garden back there.

Yesterday as I was sitting there, I noticed that with all the rain we've had lately that the fruit and veggies that are growing on the property are having a hard time. The apples, I fear, won't make it to being ripe. Dark spots freckle their not-quite-ripe skins. The grapes are quickly being eaten up by the variety of doves and other birds that make nests near our home.

Despite those things it's still lovely to sit and observe. I often take a magazine or some needle work out with me to pass the time. Like this pillow I've been working on, which my daughter has now claimed for herself. It is pink, afterall. Yesterday morning after my baby-belly check up, a quick stop at Barnes & Noble found me favoring a new magazine, Mary Janes Farm. Who could not love a magazine with almost every page looking something like this...
If you haven't had a peek at the beautiful pages of this publication yet, I highly recommend you do. Even if you have no leanings toward the farm life, the pictures alone are worth it.

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