These garden stakes have been appealing to me for a while now. I keep going and looking at them.

from PigeonToeCeramics

They are simple and pretty.
Today I thought I would try making some of my own from white polymer clay. My attempt was fairly close to those in the picture! I'd show you but I'm a little embarrassed by the fact that when I baked them...I burned them. I got distracted by little fingers roaming around my tools and only remembered them when I saw smoke billowing out of the oven! I'll have to try again.

Along with the garden stakes, I thought I would try making a calendar of sorts to use with my 3 year old daughter who I am planning on preschool-homeschooling starting this fall. She's a big fan of Montessori style learning, so I figured some hands on calendar tablets would make learning about the date fun for her.

Making them was fun and easy! As soon as I get it all put together on a board of sorts I'll post some pictures. And maybe once I try the garden stakes again, I'll give you a peek at those too:)

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