Picture from Country Living

Country Living Magazine had a how-to article a while back about using vintage quilts to line baskets. I thought it was adorable. Who wouldn't want one to put something in a basket so cute? When I looked again at the picture yesterday, this quilt that I've had for a while came to mind instantly...

The only problem is, I couldn't get myself to cut it up. I had my scissors posed at the edge and everything. But the thought of cutting it just made me cringe. There's nothing special about the quilt mind you. It's not an heirloom, and no one made it for me. It was a weekend find somewhere that I can't recall. It's riddled with moth holes, and the quilting is coming undone in more than a few places. And yet, despite all those factors, I still couldn't cut it up.

So now it lays lovingly on my bed while I try to decide what to do about it. Should I try to mend it and use it? Yet one more quilt for my bed? Or should I just bite the bullet and cut into it? There are so many possibilities!

What's a girl to do!

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