The days seem to be drifting together lately. I'm six months into my pregnancy and it's seeming to catch up with me a bit lately. My creativity is taking a back seat to nap time and trying to find comfy clothes. No doubt about there still being plenty of ideas! I'm just taking it a bit slower now.

I spent some of the weekend relaxing on the couch with movies, and some of the rest of the weekend fixing a few things with the bloomers pattern I made for my little girl.
It makes me happy to see them coming together and fitting her so nicely.

In the next few days I'll have the tutorial for them finalized and I'll share! For a bit, now though, I think I'll rest a bit and do some needle work. Speaking of needle work...I finished and framed my Little Girl on a Swing and put her in the shop!

~Till tomorrow!~

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