Set of 2 Hand towels
Hand Embroidered with "Dry Here"

It's always been like an adventurous challenge for me to take something I've found, such as an old linen table cloth, and transform it into something else. That's exactly what I did. And two cute little towels will now stand guard, waiting to be held.

My own story with linen towels, and tea towels, is one of fondness. I live a little through my pretty hand towels now. Browsing through a thrift store, looking for some lovely finds, I came across a very pretty embroidered linen towel and thought how lovely it would be to hang it near my sink. In all practicality it seemed silly to use something so pretty for drying my just-finished-gardening-and-freshly-washed hands. But how special I feel every time I use a pretty towel. It's like a secret treat, from a time when pretty things were much more common.

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