The other day I mentioned that I picked up a screen printer over the weekend. I actually bought a Yudu machine.
It's a printer, dryer, light box all in one. And it's very cool, if I do say. Trial and error is what's going on around here, though! Things have to be just right, but I think that might be the case with many things when if comes to screen printing. It's my first time, so I guess you shouldn't expect perfection. And from what I've read around the web from other crafty folks, this trial and error phase seems to be quite common. I wouldn't mind that so much if it weren't for the cost of supplies. It adds up fast!

But I think I've achieved some level of success. And that is immensely satisfying.

This is a sampling of what I've put together over the last couple of days.

My brother and I are currently working on printing his logo onto an apron, (and perhaps a few other things given that his birthday is coming up soon, and I'd like to surprise him!). So not only has it become a handy tool for me to use with my art work, but it's becoming useful for other things as well. My husband even mentioned designing some t-shirts for when his next deployment comes up. That could be fun!

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  1. these look so great! love screenprinting...congrats! i would never think this is one of your first things



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