Oh my what a weekend! Between my husband buying a new truck, and other essential elements of life, I started on a couple of new drawings and projects. There is something oddly satisfying about coming up with a new "something" and seeing what comes of it.

I also just picked up a screen printing contraption which I am pretty excited about learning. I'm finding out that there are a million different ways you can use screen printing and I'd love to find one that gets my fancy and see what I can come up with. There are some amazing women out there screen printing their own fabric, which I think is awesome!

Amidst everything else, I sat and read through a couple of old magazines. One of my favorite is Romantic Homes. Everything is always so pretty in those magazines. As I was perusing the pages, I came across this picture.

And then I leaned in a little more and squinted to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing. That bust looked oddly familiar! Perhaps because a reproduction was sitting my front room with some of my other favorite things!

My mom was kind enough to give her to me a while back. She has a knack for finding really amazing finds in thrift stores. She's so sweet. Thanks, Mom!

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