I have an obsession with Milk Glass. But not just any milk glass. Milk glass mugs. Tea cups and coffee mugs to be specific. Here's why I love them. They are clean and they let the drink be the center of attention. Yes, perhaps it silly. I suppose it goes back to my culinary training and the idea that the food should be the showcase and not the flatware or whatever.

Now I bring this up because I'm feeling a need in justifying letting most of yesterday get away from me. It just seemed to fly by so quickly! All those necessary things were calling to me-- the laundry to be exact. But I did sneak out of the house to go to a movie ( The Ugly Truth, very funny), and then to my favorite thrift store find to collect some vintage ribbon, (at least something else productive came of my going out!). While I was browsing the shelves for more mugs I happened upon a set of four saucers and thought to myself, "Now those would look lovely with my tea cups!"

And on the practical side, they would keep those coffee and tea rings to a confined space, rather than on a work-in-progress.

Biscuits and jam seem to love them too. Now let me go clean off that coffee ring before something terrible happens!

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