Friday Flickr Favorites in Shades of Gray/Grey

by dorthay

by Kevin Steele

by Kobo H

by plainjanetextiles

by lilfishstudios

I was feeling a little "gray" today so I thought I'd find some pretty things that were fitting with that feeling. That bag by plainjanetextiles I'm particularly fond of. Any-who, hopefully with the start of a new week I'll be feeling a little more "colorful" and enthused about life! In the mean time I'll be gazing at more flickr pretties and hoping for some cooler weather around these parts!
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I love that you spelled grey/gray both ways! I have always spelled it with an "e" but have never been quite sure. : )

  2. Me too! I think it depends on the day for me:)



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